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Forum Rules


• Candidates will have an opportunity at the beginning of each forum to share
their platforms and ideas in equal time.

• Questions will be a combination of those on the Y Town Can website with
additional ones devised by forum coordinators.

NOTE: Questions will not be slanderous nor one sided, nor based on innuendo, hearsay, or rumor. Questions from the website will be reconstructed to reflect its theme or major idea. Questions posted which directly offend a candidate will not be cited nor asked.

• Community members will not be able to directly ask questions to the
candidates during the forum. Community members will be able to write their
questions on a note card or sticky which will be given to forum assistants and
reviewed for possible inclusion during the forum.

• If community members want to ask candidates a question directly, we will encourage candidates to stay following the forum and approach the candidates directly.

• Y Town Can is a community forum not a community sludge fest and thus moderators will maintain control of time, question and audience participation at all times.

• There will be time limits for each question response and time for rebuttals if
necessary or desired.

• A timer will post  a 30 seconds and Finished sign during each question.



6:30 p.m. Introduction


6:35 p.m. Sheriff Candidates

7:00 p.m. Supervisor
7:40p.m. Trustees
8:10p.m. County Commissioner
8:30 p.m. Clerk


Be informed. Be engaged. Be ready.