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The Jackson-Davis-Freeman family of Hernando, MS
Decendents of Rufus Jackson and Sallie Avera.

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The Family Archive Maintenance Project or F.A.M. began in 2002. Our mission is to insure that the Jackson-Davis-Freeman family history is researched, maintained, and passed on to future generations.

Our primary goal is to trace our family lineage back to Africa and to discover the first Jackson ancestor to arrive here in America.

In addition, we strive to gather as much current information as possible so that we may continue to document the Jackson-Davis-Freeman family history for future generations.

Jackson History Fact:
Born in 1826, Ann Avera is the oldest known ancestor to the Jacksons of Michigan. Found in the 1880 U.S. census records, Ann is shown living with her daughter Mary and three grandchildren; Sallie, Jno, and Lily.

Charlie Jackson - The first Jackson to arrive in Michigan

As past and future battle moment by moment, it is our struggle with the present that lays the foundation for history. And it is history that future generations will live by.