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Family History
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Desoto County History:In 1880 the Jacksons called Desoto County, MS home. Learn all about this important place in our history.
Family History Research Site: All of our family reseach can be accessed here.
2003 Family History Site: An older version of our family research site. See how much we've learned since then.
Family Tree: An interactive on-line family tree. Find yourself and trace our family back to Ann Avera. The oldest known ancestor, born in 1826. 
Desoto County Genealogical Society: Purchase books, manuscripts, and articles from this great historical resource.

View the actual documents containing our relatives. 
(for some records you will need to click on picture to enlarge)

1880 Census: Contains Ann Avera, oldest known relative with daughter Mary and three children; Sallie, Jno and Lily. Sallie would later mary Rufus Jackson and give birth to Charlie Jackson. Charlie is the first known Jackson to reach the Detroit area.
1900 Census: Shows Rufus and Sallie Jackson living in Hernando, MS with six children and their grandmother Annie Avera.
1910 Census: This is the first time we see Charlie Jackson at the age of 3. He's living with his mother Sallie and six siblings.
1917 WWI Draft Card: Arnell and Eugene Jackson both entered the draft in 1917. They are 2 of the 11 children that Rufus and Sallie Jackson had.
1920 Census: Here we see the Davis Jackson connection. Sallie Jackson is now Sallie Davis as she is now married to Curtis Davis.
1920 Census: Arnell Jackson, the 5th of 11 children by Rufus and Sallie Jackson. Here we see him married with his own family.
1930 Census: Curtis and Sallie Davis are still together but are now living in TN.
1930 Census: Eugene Jackson, the 6th child of Rufus and Sallie Jackson is now living in Tunica, MS.
1930 Census: Arnell Jackson is still living in Hernando, MS.