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Ballin' in the Willow

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The Rules

Below are the rules for BITW. They are designed to comply with court rules used in everyday pick-up games at West Willow Court.  

Rule #1 - BITW is about building community and doing something positive in West Willow park.
Rule #2 - Must Have Game to Participate. No bricks, No scrubs.
Rule #3 - No handles, No game then no playing.

Official Court Rules

  1. Two age groups - 13 & under, 14 & up
  2. Play up to 12
  3. Must win by 2
  4. Each basket is worth 1 point 
  5. Behind the three point line is worth 2 points
  6. Out of bounds is the grass and double white line
  7. Must call your own fouls
  8. Keep your own score
  9. Each game won is worth 1 point
  10. Lose 2 games in a week and you are done until next week
  11. Only 3 players to a team (no substitutions)
  12. You can have a new team each week
  13. If there is a tie at the end of the summer we will take the top  players and have them face off one-on-one. Winner takes all

BITW is a community building event so come prepared for a fun time of basketball at the park. Mean muggin' is not neccessarry.


For More Information Contact Director Jackson at 

Ballin' is a service provided by The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the New West Willow Neighborhood Association, Sycamore Meadows Apt., and Danbury Park Manor.